First of all, I never thought I would write my story here

First of all, I never thought I would write my story here. A big thanks to God, my parents and Guru Prasad who stood with me and made this possible. Step 1 score : 249.

I’m writing this especially to help those who want to give exam in 6 months, with below average knowledge before that. I started my preps on November 2019. Trust me, I didn’t even study a word before that!

1st two months :

biochem : Dr.Turco videos + FA
Micro : Sketchy(bacteriology alone) + BNB + FA
For the rest of the systems : BNB(awesome tool, go for it!) + Pathoma + FA.

2nd two months :

Uworld 1st pass : 76%
FA second read.

March - exam (may 27) postponed due to the lockdown lol!
Started taking nbmes. Did 15-24 everything and uwsas.

I scored low 240s in all nbmes and it made me quite upset. This is what I wanna stress about in this post. Take nbmes as LEARNING TOOLS! Don’t freak out with nbmes. I did that mistake and made a lot of silly mistakes and always was distracted. My nbme 18 score was 243 and I was so upset that I made around 10 blunders. But I kept telling myself that I can do much better!

Uwsa 1 : 256
Uwsa 2 : 251 (most predictive atleast for me!)
Free 120 : 87%

Exam day :
STAY HYDRATED! And take light food! Don’t skip meal.
STAYING CALM is the key! I felt exam to be more like uworld.
If I did this in 6 months, anyone can! Consistency and perseverance is the key. Good luck