First of all My Credentials ECFMG Certified)

First of all My Credentials:

(ECFMG Certified)

USMLE STEP1: (250)

USMLE Step2: (250)

USMLE Step2CS: (Passed in 1st attempt)

USMLE Step3: (235)

(Tutoring for Step1, Step2CK and Step3) .

We know that there are many ways to study and many USMLE course options to help prepare for your exam. You will see dozens of options when you look for those who can teach you how to do well in USMLE exams, but you should always go with someone who recently has been through the same journey and have track records of successful students. Despite the lower pass score, achieving higher scores is considered to be more important for non-US Medical students and Graduates, as competitive residencies tend to favor US medical graduates based on data from the NRMP matching tool. And I will help you achieve that goal with my guidance.

With my tutoring, I can help you customize a plan for you and help you improve exactly where it is needed.

I will work on the following plans with you:

1. Starting from Scratch if somebody is a beginner. I can teach from very Basic i.e ABCs of USMLE exams.

2. Focus on your weak subjects.

3.Learn how to approach each problem with easy concepts.

4.Focus on High yield Topics that are very much tested in the exam .

5. Work with you to improve your assessment scores.

Inbox me directly for further information.