Five Days Will Change Your Life


Five Days Will Change Your Life

Objective: To Cover Last 50 Cases in 2019 ACRRM

Date and time: ACRRM-PESCI: Monday 23rd Sept to Friday 27th Sept 7pm to 10PM Sydney time

Bonuses: Support groups and continuous practice under my supervision (from registration until you clear your PESCI), study material, educational posts, free update sessions


  1. Headache, missing school

  2. Aboriginal for abortion, multiple partners

  3. RTA on alcohol, hit and run, neck pain

  4. Lt arm pain

  5. Chronic cough

  6. For sleeping bills due to anxiety

  7. Red eye

  8. RF with low eGFR (aboriginal, fluid shift)

  9. 4 years with rash

  10. For Ventolin inhaler refill, uncontrolled BA

  11. Pulmonary infarction

  12. Few weeks of malaise

  13. Patient worried about brat cancer

  14. 50 years male with burning urination, came back after Ab

  15. Travel advice

  16. Adult male with knee pain. Examination on panel

  17. Adrenal failure for follow up

  18. Pregnancy with BA

  19. Patient asks for e cigarette

  20. 7 years old girl with large breast

  21. Father ask for sexual activity for his down syndrome daughter- for contraception

  22. 22 years male with big toe pain

  23. Erectile dysfunction with treatment failure

  24. Aboriginal with tooth ache ask for pethidine and welfare certificate

  25. 2 years baby fal from shopping trolley

  26. Son unset because aggressive 80 years old father

  27. 4 years old boy with barking cough

  28. For bariatric surgery

  29. 60 years old with join pain and tiredness

  30. 49 lady with hot flush

  31. 4 years old boy with oral pain and dehydration

  32. Son doest want his dad to know about his leukaemia

  33. 24 years old lady with sever nervousness on and off with marital conflict

  34. 84 years for renewal of driving licence, concern not fit to drive

  35. Chronic fever, truck driver

  36. Aboriginal discharge from prison with weight gain for check up

  37. Post-natal check up

  38. 89 years old for health check

  39. 32 years old with mid cycle spotting, -v pregnancy test

  40. Man with sexual harassment at work

  41. Chronic epigastric pain, failure of zantac

  42. Bilateral ear ache

  43. Polypharmacy

  44. 7 years old with tender elbow

  45. Snake bite

  46. RTA

  47. Infertility

  48. Acne

  49. For IUD

  50. 80 years with sever left iliac pain

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