FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN CMC, Vellore Seats - Long Read

FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN CMC, Vellore Seats - Long Read

Yesterday’s seat matrix released for Tamilnadu’s SF Management Quota PG counseling to be held today (26th May) seats has around 195 PG seats in CMC. While one is not sure why a %of them did not come under the Govt Quota, there is still gross deviation in terms of split of seats. Some stats here.

  1. 32% Seats under General merit - Two issues here

a) Shouldn’t they be under State Quota Counseling and not under SF management counseling?

50% of minority seats should be surrendered to State Quota as per TN govt notification (2017 prospectus mentions this as well). PG MED regulations also mentioned 50% of all non government medical institutions under State quota. The other minority institution within Tamilnadu does this and share seats in Govt Quota Counseling.

Last year’s TN PG Government prospectus carried this - “Government seats in Self Financing Colleges: Out of the seats sanctioned for Post Graduate Diploma/Degree Courses 50% of the total recognised / permitted seats “IN EACH SPECIALTY” in Minority Self Financing Colleges will be allotted under State Quota”

This year’s prospectus carries this - " Management Quota seats in Self Financing Colleges: Seat sharing with self Financing Minority and Non minority College will be as per state Policy, MCI Post Graduate Medical Education Regulation, 2000 and applicable Court Orders".

As per PG Med regulations - "In non-Governmental medical colleges/institutions, 50% (Fifty Percent) of the total seats shall be filled by State Government or the Authority appointed by them, and the remaining 50% (Fifty Percent) of the seats shall be filled by the concerned medical colleges/institutions on the basis of the merit list prepared as per the marks obtained in National Eligibility-cum- Entrance Test.”

b) Even if it comes under SF management quota, only 32% of seats under General merit - not sure about the logic behind this.

I am not sure if there is an applicable court order justifying above for minority institutions. Please enlighten in case someone is aware of this and if other state candidates can share how minority seat counseling happened, that may be useful.


The bigger issue though is the split of seats. As seen gross injustice with almost none of preferred Clinical degree courses coming under General Merit. This is heights of injustice. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED PIC TO SEE HOW THERE ARE ZERO SEATS IN ALL PREFERRED COURSES UNDER GENERAL MERIT!

The specialty wise split is gross injustice and needs to be questioned!!

FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN CMC, Vellore Seats - Long Read