Fregoli vs capgrass Any solid mnemonic so that i don't forget it again & again?

Fregoli vs capgrass
Any solid mnemonic so that i don’t forget it again & again??

Fregoli…Familiar person mistake

CapgraS…Stranger mistake

CAPgrass – due to the cap - the familiar person is feeling like Stranger

Fregoli- Just opposite

I heard this from someone. Hope it helps. Fregoli - friend ko maaro goli. Why?( Stranger appearing as familiar) Capgras is opposite

Fregoli = family member mare goli

Fregoli F Frnd mistake

CapgraS S Stranger mistake

Apni biwi koi aur lagna is capgrass

Aur sab me apni biwi dikhna is fregoli 🤣

I watched a documentary in highschool,

Some guy had capgras,

He thought his parents are not actually his parents,

Just some actors who got plastic surgery and started pretending like his parents.

I still remember that guys face, and his parents,

I remember the chilling feeling I got when I thought what if my parents are also not real people (teenage brain is stupid)

I only learned about fregoli in internship, so I just remember it as the opposite of capgras

Capgras is an imposter.

Fregoli sounds like a dress you wear (disguise).

To differentiate freegoli nd capgras…

Free goli is when u call a stranger a known one…ex…u call a stranger as your wife…toh uss case me free ka goli khaa loge(bullet,shoot over😂)

Nd capgras uska opposite, u will say ur wife as some stranger…toh wife will not shoot you(no goli)

Othello…is delusion of infedility…hmesha wife pe sak…nd wife pareshan hokr bolegi…utha lee(othello) re baba.

I have remembered this way.