From Neetpg 13k to AIR 1423

From Neetpg 13k to AIR 1423
Inicet 10k, 2.8k to 795
I gave neetpg twice, during my internship and while being a non academic JR.
Before I started serious preparation, I had made notes of 3rd and final year subjects but my 1st and second year was weak and I hadn’t attempted questions and given tests
I believe my rank improved because of some smart study. Here are some of the mistakes/lessons I learned throughout this 2yr long journey.

  1. avoid FOMO
    Stick to ONE source no matter what anyone says.
    If something hasn’t been asked for past 5 yrs leave it.
  2. Give GTs and make GT notebook
    This is an easy way to revise later fast.
    One GT every 10 days. Revise 20 questions of GT daily for next 10 days and then give another one.
  3. Multiple revision from same source and 20 th notebook
    1st revision - take your time
    2nd - 3 months during this time add important things in 20th notebook
    3rd - 1.5 months
    4th- 40 days
    Keep refining important things while revising.
    Paste important tables, lists, cycles on your wall.
  4. Study hours
    Try to combine reading notes + videos of only topics you find difficult
    Try to solve few questions/modules daily.
    Initially start by 4-6 hrs and in the final 2 months should go upto 8-10 hours.
    See images and pearls in free time.
    Consistently is the key.
  5. If possible find a good study partner
  6. Maintain your calm and sanity
    It’s a long and tough journey, it’s okay to feel exhausted/ frustrated at times & it’s okay to take a break.
    Talk to your friends and family and share these things with them. They’ll help you stand right back up
    If still any questions regarding preparation will be happy to help.
    Thank you to the entire marrow faculty (@Dr Mukhmohit Singh sir, Dr Abbas Ali sir, Dr Rohan Khandelwal sir, Dr Ila Jain maam, Dr Sakshi Arora maam) this wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.
    A special thanks to
    Dr. Ranjan Kumar Patel Sir for guiding me and answering my queries throughout this journey.
    And thank you marrow you helped me put my heart into it??
    Dr Hershika
    MD medicine resident