Got my result yesterday: its 258

I’d like to present to you my humble step 1 experience; but first, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mohamed Menofy a 5th year medical student from Egypt, reading other experiences helped me to determine what to do, so here I am writing mine.
Resources:- • Kaplan videos 2015 and books (in all subjects except pathology) • Pathoma videos and Goljan book in pathology • First aid (FA) • Kaplan q bank • Boards and beyond videos (B&B)
U world (UW) (just 1 run)

Self-assessments (SA): - I started taking SA very late around 10 days before the exam • NBME 16 & 17: 90% correct both • NBME 22: 252 • UWSA 1: 264 • NBME 18: 88% correct • UWSA 2: 254 • NBME 23: 250

I started studying for step 1 after 3rd year (basic science) 07/2017 with a looooooooooooot of interruptions.
Exam date: - 29/08/2019
Result date: - 18/09/2019
Started with Kaplan videos and books & pathoma videos with Goljan book then read Kaplan books and Goljan book one more time with FA, then FA with Kaplan q
bank, then B&B videos with FA , then FA with UW, then FA with notes (from B&B and UW). Mistakes: - things I think I did wrong • Reading Kaplan books 2 times (one time is enough) • Starting SA to late (I just want to be perfect before taking any assessment, I was afraid if I took one and had a low score)

Recommendation: - • B&B videos are gold, use them before starting UW it will make it very easy • Rx q bank (I solved few topics only 1 week before my exam; if had enough time, I would solve it) • Surround your self with people who also preparing for the exam, even if online just to encourage each other • I know there is many who don’t like Kaplan videos, but I recommend genetics, physiology and biostatistics videos from Kaplan; and if you have time you can also watch pharma and neuro. Extra: - • Picmonic (I used it in Bacteriology and some topics in pharma) • Osmosis • Randy Neil, MD (YouTube channel in biostatistics) • Nikolay’s Genetics Lessons (YouTube channel I used it for understanding probability and pedigree) • 100 case of cornard fisher (just solved 50 cases only)
Big thanks to my family and friends for supporting me through this journey.

ALL THE BEST for all the people who are preparing and hope my experience will help you.