Greatly to prepare for my PLAB journey

Firstly I would like to thank you all for this amazing group which helped me greatly through my PLAB journey.
Your active contribution through this group was very beneficial to me and helped me greatly to prepare for my PLAB journey.

Secondly i would like to thank Dr.Khalid Saifullah for his great contribution in this group, his daily posted questions and his 1700 Questions file which he updates frequently was of great aid to me and i’m sure it holds the same value to all members of this group.

Thirdly i would like to thank Merged & Such Unity teams for the topic-wise analysis of Dr. Khalid’s Questions. It was very useful to me during studying and preparation. What’s special about this is that not only it offers topic-wise questions but it also has pages of oxford handbook to discuss every topic.

Since this group has helped me a lot during my PLAB preparation i though that i should be of help to other doctors and help them too through their preparation.

Firstly, concerning the IELTS preparation, i have collected all the essential data anyone would need during his IELTS preparation and i divided them into branches:

  • Listening * Reading *Speaking * Vocabulary * Exams

In each section you’ll find different collected data that will help you during your IELTS preparation.

Secondly concerning the PLAB 1,During studying i made my own notes out of Dr.Samson’s notes , Sush Unity , Merged & Dr.Khalid’s 1700 questions so i though i should share them with you in order to help other doctors with their PLAB1 preparation as a sign of gratitude to the this group.
These notes are written in a very simple and organized way in order to help anyone using them to memorize all the data within it easily.

I’ve also included Dr.Samson’s notes ,Khalid’s 1700 Questions, Sush unity and merged topic-wise questions.

I strongly advice doctors to start with my notes first to study the topic followed by going through the latest Dr.Samson’s PLAB1 material in order to check if he added new data then you should answer the topic’s questions from Sush unity or merged, if you do so i assure you that you covered this topic completely and got the most benefit out of it.

After going through all of the notes and finishing all the topic-wise questions, i recommend going through Dr.Khalid’s 1700 Questions to train your mind to go easily from one topic to another quickly especially that you were trained on topic-wise questions, so such an approach will be very useful.

I also included several mocks and recalls that i strongly advise you to go through once you finish all the above mentioned advice.


Overall you could read Dr.Samson latest notes - if you want - in order to to check if he added anything new, however in some chapters reading Samson’s notes is a must because they aren’t fully covered in my notes.

These chapters are:

  • ENT.
  • Ethics.
  • Endocrine.
  • Cardiology.
  • Obs. & Gyna.
  • Infectious diseases.

Also i have added a new folder for ECG that covers all the required to know ECG for the PLAB1 exam.

In the end i hope that my efforts are of great help to you as other doctors’ efforts were to me.
Wish you all the best.