Guys I just got my score today and I would like to share my experience

Guys I just got my score today and I would like to share my experience:
Step 1: 254—07/2018 than I didn’t study for 2 months after that I started study around October and totally I studied 7,5 months but of course intermittently because at that time I was living in Turkey and I needed to come US for observership. As a consequence I didn’t study well approximately for 1,5 months. Rather than this period my average study time was around 8-9 hours per day.

Resources that I used:
Of course my main resource was Uworld not surprisingly and I did Uworld totally 2,5 half times. Usually I did 1 block/day until last 6 weeks and I did 60 questions/day in last 6 weeks.
Why did I spend my 8hours for 1 block?
Because I read every sentence of Uworld carefully and I used UpToDate almost in every question. Guys I’m not kidding UpToDate helped me a lot!! As backbone of your resources I strongly recommend UW + UPTODATE!!

Other than uw and UpToDate I used also uw step 3 if you have time you can but I think it’s not necessary.

Self assessments:
NBME 6: 265 (8w ago)
UWSA1: 281 (5w ago)
NBME 7: 265 ( 4w ago) and I think this is most predictive one if you compared to others
NBME 8: 273 (2w ago)
UWSA2: 273 (5d ago)
Free 120: 90% (5d ago back to back with uwsa2)

Actual step2 ck: 265

Exam day:
Guys I can say 50% of questions were like uw but rest of them were really awkward, weird, and vague. I think approximately 10%of questions were like step1, 10%of questions like step3 style, and rest of 30% questions were totally awkward that I never see them in any qbank. For these awkward questions I just did medically guess. Exam is tough guys I can say it was the hardest exam in my life. It was like war guys that’s why endurance also important in the exam.

So I’m really happy right now about the score.

If you interested for more info you can write me private message I can be your tutor.