Has anyone taken dry needling?

Has anyone taken dry needling ? Any idea ? I heard its kindof like acupuncture

It is, but from ppl with a lot less training.

I did one for some neck pain, but I prefer going to a proper accupuncturist.

I found it much more invasive then acupuncture. From what my physiotherapist tells me… They do the needling to cause the muscle to fire and twitch which somehow helps it loosen. I found it uncomfortable but the next day… there was a difference. Unfortunately it’s very temporary. But I’m sure it works differently for everybody… There’s never any harm in trying. I’ve had it in my knee and hip.

they always tell you there is a risk of infection with any needle… But I’ve never had any issues with that … the practitioner always uses new, packaged and sterilized needles and alcohol wipes the area.

Is it given just once or in sessions ? Did u knee ROM improve after it ?

you don’t need it in sessions but it’s better to get it more regularly I think. It helped with ROM for me because my muscles were really tight

Had it a few times and I can go without; it can relieve muscle tension but it’s only been helpful for instant relief & is most def not long lasting

Yes I have. I preform it daily on my patients. I have also had it done on myself for several issues. I would recommend having dry needling done accompanied with micro stimulation.

Yes!!! It’s amazing and helps a lot! I am 5 weeks po now and had it since week 3 to help with extremely tight muscles in upper thigh! After a few sessions I was able to fully extend and flexion to 125 degrees without any pain

I’m confused … is there different types of dry needling lol. When I have it they don’t put it in and leave it there, it goes in a couple inches and the needle gets moved around in the muscle … some of these sound different from what I’ve had on my knee and hip…