Have always been interested in psychiatry residency

Have always been interested in psychiatry residency…as I have not had much exposure I have gone through some excellent orientation videos in you tube but no one actually talked about cons specially risk with daily interactions with delusional patients or agitated aggressive patients…how much occupational hazards or life risks are there…please enlighten…thank you

As far as I have learnt…psychiatry is for certain special type

of people only…i would recommend you to join in psychi dept. in any hospital for 1 month and find for yourself if it suits you or not…told by my senior

Then work hard and try for usmle …psychiatry residency there is comparatively easy and much much more satisfactory than in India

Psychiatry most people will write 2 page history and then just counsel the patient and will write clonazepam sos

Neuropsychiatriy is a very good feild if u enjoy it…

Don’t be tunnel vision by people who are themselves undergrad and have no exposure to specialities.

Talk with neuropsychiatriists they will tell u pros and cons …

All the best…