Having a good support system helps

Having a good support system helps. Getting rid of excess baggage like toxic friends too. Also what matters is being able to strike a balance between the expectations and reality.

You can’t study 12 hours everyday for a year. But you can study 6-7-8 hours regularly. Being regular and disciplined trumps any motivation.

Also, you are already a doctor. This is nothing but another exam to add to your degree. No matter the money talk or harsh reality talk, life is much much important than any outcome. So take a breath, take good breaks , make micro targets and gradually tick them off. I guess all these would manage depression or anxiety to some extent.

Good mental support,be with your parents,i think only they are your well wishers in this world with full of betrayal,go for some walk every day,listen your favourite musics,eat some good food which elevate your mood,if any urgency, don’t hesitate to take a consultation…best wishes…

One study partner.

Live streaming study thru discord or zoom

Discussion of questions.

Daily gym or any strenous activity for 30mins will keep away your depression for sure.

Feel free to ping anytime.Take care,Champ.