Hello Everyone. I recently scored AIR 375 in INICET

Hello Everyone. I recently scored AIR 375 in INICET. I was getting between Rank 27-400 in Marrow GTs after only 4-5 months of dedicated prep. Instead of writing about my journey I felt this would be better way to help everyone.

Before that, I would like to thank the Marrow Team and all the Faculties for sharing a minute fraction of their neverending knowledge.

During my dedicated I developed a template on Notion so that I dont get lost; I would like to share it with everyone who would wish to use it if needed. This is accessible on all platforms-Windows/iOS/Android.Please check the video out and then read this:

1.My PGPrep Page- It consists of various subpoages and a Marrow Revision analytics on how many hours of videos,how many pages of rev notes, how many PYQs etc.

2.Study Tracker- Here You would be able to check how many days are remaining till your target exam. There’s also a tracker where you can write your plan for that day and check the box if you studied in that dedicated time block. at the end of the week you can see your missed checkboxes for accountability.

3.TimeTable- A simple timetable like Schooldays for Regular/SWTest/GT Days. no explanation required

4.Test Analysis- Apart from using the Marrow app You can fill in the data here for your personal stats. I have included the 1/3 and 1/4 NEET and INICET specific scores along with an option to find your Correct:Incorrect Ratio on average, Median Ranks, Average No of Corrects, Incorrects and Skipped. Use for INICET, NEET and SWT.

5.GT Polygons- Just screenshot your polygon and then open the page and type in the GT and paste it. You will be able to check your polygons all at once.

6.How many times have I revised: Here You can Check and update how much you have revised every subject. This might come in handy at end stages of prep. Make your Revisions a Game!

7.Additional Tips: For Spaced Repetition while reading notes, No need of using excel or papers, there’s an app called Review:intelligent revision on Playstore. Just put in what you are studying today along with the difficulty it will remind you at spaced repetition intervals to read your notes again.

8.For iPad users: Can use Onenote for notes as it provides crossplatform accessibility and is free.

Was this Your first attempt?? And what was your aggregate in mbbs?

I am asking only cuz i need to compare and check my level please