Hello everyone, though I'm a bit late but still I am writing this post to share my journey

Hello everyone, though I’m a bit late but still I am writing this post to share my journey and to motivate all who didn’t perform as per their expectations to never give up!

I completed my internship in 2019 and didn’t study anything during it because I wanted to enjoy it. My internship ended in March 2019 following which I was diagnosed with severe depression…My close friend helped me to get out of it and supported me at all times…So I couldn’t start studying before September…studied well 3 months (oct-dec) and got a rank of 8.3k in NEET 2020 in a matter of 3.5 months approx!( Internship rank was 46k).

I was very disappointed with my rank and decided to give myself another chance as I wanted to study at a Central Institute. Mid yr AIIMS- 1.1K, PGI - around 500 , JIPMER- around 400 but it was of no use as I didn’t want to take up non-clinical subjects( with due respect)…

So I studied again and got 863 rank in INICET Nov 2020, again got nothing but Anaesthesia(with due respect)… So I toiled hard, identified where I was going wrong by the help of mainly custom modules and mini tests and got 295 rank in INICET this time. I would like to thank all the faculties for their tremendous support🙏

I have been a MARROW Plan C user since 2019. I have watched approx 50% of the videos and have solved mainly custom modules ( I haven’t solved the entire qbank). However I watched the MCQ discussions fully. I wasn’t fond of giving GTs because my GT ranks and exam ranks never match, however they help to identify weak areas in your preparation. I have given the mini tests very diligently though.

P.S : I have been working as a JR( Non Academic) throughout these 2 years because I feel that clinical exposure not only helps in mcqs but also makes me a better doctor( which is what is our ultimate goal , isn’t it?) and keeps me sane.