Hello friends. I want to share my USMLE journey with you

Hello friends. I want to share my USMLE journey with you. I did not match in the main cycle. But, I got a position in IM categorical out of the match at a NYC program Alhamdolillah.
I could not be more thankful to Allah paak, my elders and my husband for their love and support. After learning that I did not match on March 16, I was heartbroken, cried for days. After 2 weeks, I gathered myself and started sending out emails to programs asking about any vacant position. It was a long shot but one of my close friends adviced me that what do I have to loose. Golden advice!. The maximum that can happen is that I get a rejection email. How is that any different from rejection emails in main cycle!. Alhamdolillah, one if the programs responded!. They gave me a Skype interview and asked medical questions. After 3 weeks they gave me an offer and i took it. I am sharing my story for future candidates who don’t match in the main cycle. Don’t give up. Pull a fight and keep emailing the programs after the match. You have nothing to loose friends. You never know an email you sent out might change your life.
I am a downright average candidate with scores in 220’s and with step 3 all passed in first attempt. If I can do it. So can all of you!
Good luck! Feel free to ask any questions you like.
Special thanks to this group.