Holst Centre Introduces Next Generation Health Patchs

Holst Centre introduced their next generation health patch during electronica, an international electronic trade show held Nov. 8-11 in Munich, Germany. Holst Centre is a research and development institution founded by the collaboration between imec and TNO. Their innovative health patch accurately and remotely monitors the user’s cardiac and physical activity as well as bioelectrical impedance. We at Medgadget visited Holst Centre during our trip to the Netherlands last year and covered the early stages of this product. The final product is now ready to undergo preclinical and usability studies.

Holst Centre’s health patch consists of a reusable main unit that connects to a disposable sticker with two embedded electrodes on each side. The main unit houses a chip specifically designed to lower power consumption in order to lengthen battery life. The entire patch comfortably adheres to the chest and can be worn for prolonged periods of time, even while showering. The small size of the health patch allows for inconspicuous monitoring.

The health patch is equipped with multiple sensing capabilities. It incorporates an accelerometer to monitor physical activity, ECG technology to record cardiac electrical activity, and is also able to track body temperature, respiratory rate, and body composition. All of this critical data will be transferred to the user’s mobile device using wireless Bluetooth technology, and can be easily shared with the user’s healthcare provider for immediate review. Also, the wireless nature of the patch allows users to move freely and without restrictions while continuously being monitored.

Wearable medical technology, such as Holst Centre’s health patch, is becoming increasingly common in order to expand mobile healthcare options. Mobile health is expected to be the way of the future as it allows patients to be remotely and continuously monitored in order to individualize treatment options, improve patient outcomes, and cut overall costs.