How can these tiny little things hurt so much! Honestly

How can these tiny little things hurt so much!! Honestly. 😭😭 Since joining this group I do feel luckier that I don’t suffer with it all over my body like some of you do but I do suffer badly on my hands which makes everyday things even harder work. Drives me insane 😭😭 it’s so up and down and I can’t work out the trigger! Is there always a trigger?

Order some high quality CBD taken by mouth. After 44 years of suffering, I haven’t had a single flare in almost 2 years. My naturopathic doctor explained the inflammation is on the inside/gut. It’s been such a poor quality of life for me until now. My allergies/triggers are calm and I’m off all meds including Ambien. Life changing. And CBD has zero side effects, only benefits!