How do men feel when they enter a woman?

How do men feel when they enter a woman?

Although all women hope this is a pleasant time for their partner, sensations can vary a lot, from one man to another, but also from woman to woman.

Sexual penetrate, the result of excitement

When a man and a woman are seduced by each other, the idea of making love can touch them pretty quickly.

After long weeks (or hours, or minutes!) ) of patience, being able to touch the body of the one who makes them fantasy is a true grail for men.

Many men love preliminary, (what I say, they love them), but it is when the time of the penetrate that they feel a real release, a fullness mixed with an incomparable feeling of fusion. Like literally diving into the abyss of a woman’s body.

Sexual penetrate, different sensations according to partners

First, the more lubricated the vagina, the more enjoyable. The adjectives that come back most often to describe sensations during entering are more or less hot, more or less wet…

Yet some men admit they do not feel the same effects according to the woman they enter. There are as many women as vagina, some are very narrow, others wider, longer, shorter…

As there are as many penis as men. The charm of diversity!

The sensations of penetrate according to positions

Depending on the sexual positions chosen during the entering, the sensations for both men and women are different.

The Doggy style is one of the favorite positions of male gent, first because it brings them a very exciting angle of view, but also because it allows very deep and direct access to the penis on point g (this holy grail Located on the front part of the vagina).

And who says point g means pleasure, and the pleasure of his partner, he feels it (and sharing). Roar

Sex and orgasm

When entering, men can feel the woman’s orgasm because their vagina sometimes emits ejaculation and especially because it contract accidentally.

These contractions are more or less powerful depending on the muscles of the woman’s perineum.

If this one has learned to build up, the contractions can be more intense and will increase the sensations of pleasure for man.

Once they too have reached an orgasm, some don’t want to get out of the woman’s sex and also like to fall asleep while being a little in their partner.