How is family medicine?

Family medicine is a better part of internal medicine that can oversee paediatric gynec surgery derma ent ophthal and radio part.
It is the most in demand branch around the world and just brought in India, will surpass every branch in coming years.
Family medicine is the broadest speciality
Family medicine residents see a wide variety of patients and do procedures/even operate if need be. They are the first point of contact for patients in the health care system and may refer patients to specialists when needed.
Primary care physicians, including family physicians, are facing a shortage.
Family medicine is specialty with tremendous scope. A family physician may care for a sick baby with colic, an elderly person with arthritis, and everything in between. From delivering baby to performing minor surgeries.
As primary care doctor jobs go, family medicine will probably deliver the greatest range of patient types and a wider variety of diagnoses and in-office procedures than other specialties. As healthcare policy and insurer initiatives focus more on preventive and primary care, family doctors will continue to be in high demand.
“A family physician’s scope of practice covers all organ systems, genders and age groups. A family doctor provides primary and continuing care to the entire family within the communities; addresses physical, psychological and social problems; and coordinates comprehensive health care services with other specialists, as needed,” their plea stated.
MRCGP, MRCP (UK ) followed by Superspecialisation
Fellowship in Rheumatology working as a consultant physician in a with 2.5 L /month salary
settle in Australia after FRACGP
settle in Gulf area with high tax free salary package with lots of benefits.
1- fellowship in general nephrology and dialysis (max hospitals)
2-fellowship in diabetes and endocrinology ( st Stephens hospital Delhi )
3- fellowships in pain and palliation (Tamil nadu)
4-fellowship in microbial medicine and infections ( Tamil nadu mgr university)
5- fellowship in critical care ( many )
6-fellowship in poisoning and critical care (dhanvantri Kerala)
7- cmc vellore offers diploma and fellowships