How long can you walk with crutches after surgery?

How long can you walk with crutches after surgery?

As long as you need. Mine was a year as I’m older

I mean after surgery. How many days to be able to walk with crutches

Be brave! Use both 7-10days. Try with one at home after 7 days…when you feel stable enough, try without, maybe you need 7 days for this.

I walked after 3 weeks without crutches, slowly and short distance with short steps, but I did it! It was hard and I was really tired, but I did it!

My first surgery I didn’t walk for 7 weeks because I also had meniscus repair, but my second surgery on acl and had part of my meniscus removed, I was walking in like 6 days

2 weeks as prescribed by surgeon. I cheated a little bit before it was up. A few steps here and there and standing still. I had no endurance as I had old shoulder injuries. I did use them every hour or so during the day to keep moving.

I used them for like two weeks then went to a kane pretty fast, but it was rough at first for sure