How to learn psychotherapy?

How to learn psychotherapy?

  1. Drinking a lot of water;

  2. Eat royal breakfast, ministerial brunch and poor night.

  3. Use more vegetables;

  4. Live with these 3 E:

Energy (energy)

Enthusiasm (passion and passion)

Empathy (compassion and empathy)

  1. Exercise;

  2. play more;

  3. Read more books than last year;

Keep silent for 10 minutes a day and think.

Sleep 7 in one day and day;

  1. Walk 10 to 30 minutes a day and smile while walking;


  1. Don’t compare your life with anyone: you don’t know what’s going on between them;

  2. Don’t have negative thoughts, instead spend your energy on positive things;

  3. Don’t do anything too much of your power;

  4. Don’t take yourself too seriously;

  5. Don’t spend your energy prying in other people’s affairs;

  6. When you are awake, dream more;

  7. Jealousy means wasting time, you have everything you have to have;

Forget the past 18. Don’t remember the mistakes of your life partner. This will destroy the peace of your present time;

Life is too short to hate others. Express kindness to others;

  1. Be friends with your past so that you don’t ruin your present time.

  2. No one is responsible for making you happy, except yourself;

  3. Know that life is a school where you need to learn things. Problems are part of the curriculum and are like the algebra class.

  4. Laugh more and smile.

  5. You don’t have to win in every discussion. There is once opposition;


  1. Contact your family and relatives sometimes;

  2. Give something good to others every day;

  3. Forgive everyone’s mistakes for anything;

Spend 28. time with people over 70 and under 6;

  1. Try to smile at least 3 people everyday;

  2. What others think of you is not your business;

  3. When your job is sick, your family and friends help you, so get in touch with them;


Do 32. positive things;

  1. Stay away from anything useless, ugly or unhappy;

  2. Love is the cure for anything;

  3. Every situation, good or bad, passes;

  4. No matter how you feel, you need to get up, wear your clothes and be in the community;

  5. Be sure that the best will come;

  6. As you wake up in the morning, you should be grateful to your God;

  7. major part inside you is happy, so be happy;

  8. Help positive messages always flow in the world and see their reflection in your life.