How to survive PGMEE prep !?

How to survive PGMEE prep !?


Simple…by enjoying it !

Trust me, the question will keep changing with every stage of a doctor’s career. During MBBS it is “How to survive MBBS” - next, during PGMEE prep it changes to “How to survive PGMEE prep”; after getting a PG seat - changes to “How to survive PG/residency” - maybe later " How to survive DM/MCh/Fellowships" - next “How to survive in the private practice/corporate setup” - meanwhile also, side-by-side about “How to survive relationships/marriage/parenthood/family responsibilities” !!

Makes me wonder, is the GOAL ultimately “Survival” only ???

My take on this matter is that - you MUST enjoy THE journey and enjoy ALONG THE journey.

By “Enjoying THE journey”, For a PG aspirant, I mean that - Study the 19 subjects now NOT because you are forced to BUT rather because it is the ultimate culmination of your MBBS knowledge. This is where it all comes together and this knowledge will last with you forever. Whatever specialty you choose, this knowledge is never a waste - it will come in handy sometime, somewhere in your career - after all an orthopedician might treat bones - BUT these do exist within the human body, don’t they ??

By “Enjoying along the journey”, For a PG aspirant, I mean that don’t lock yourself up for 12 months without contact with the outside world. Take a “little” time for friends, family, relationships; the occasional movie/novel’ the occasional food/sweet indulgence; some time for a hobby maybe. - Of course, the primary aim during this period is PGMEE prep - AGREED - but sometimes “little” distractions - help to rejuvenate the mind and productivity becomes better.

As for all others (Non-PG aspirants) - you guys are already on the journey of professional and personal life - I assume you ARE enjoying the journey and along the journey also - COZ - ultimately a doctor’s life (also every other profession, but being a doctor multiplies the challenge 10X!) - ultimately a doctor’s life has to be "LIVED" and NOT just “Survived” !!

All the Best

Dr Ramgopal Balu