I am dnb anaesthesia resident took last year in one of the very good institute with a really good stipend…

Long post alert

I am dnb anaesthesia resident took last year in one of the very good institute with a really good stipend…I am 2014 batch and thought a lot before taking Anesthesia …when I started my preparation I never thought that I would take Anesthesia that too dnb and I was getting regularly more than 140 corrects in gts of any platform but destiny played some part and I dint get a decent rank…I never thought of any branch but can say openly that never thought of Anesthesia but ended taking it… now I know many people are like me those who took Anesthesia by default as I took it…first few months took me to get adjusted to the environment of OT …for me Anesthesia was just changing fluids in OT but when I entered the OT I could sense it that surgeon is nothing without an anaesthetist … so the people who call it as a dependent branch then for those guys I would say that it’s a myth…

regarding earning now… here In my centre an anaesthesiologist gets 25% of surgeon’s cut so if a surgeon is getting paid 20k for surgery Anesthetist will get 5k for that surgery… and here a single Anesthesiologist induces 7 cases a day so u can think the amount they earn… but yes not par when it comes to the top most surgeon

Now regarding Anesthesia as a branch… it’s a good branch u will eventually develop interest after 2 months when u will get to know what’s actually happening … u have to study medicine pharma Patho and Anesthesia all together to pass Anesthesia

I won’t say that I love this branch but I would like to say that yes my decision paid me off

I took some 3 months to get adjusted but yes u will definitely like the branch if u have that zeal inside u

Many a times I thought that I am nothing in front of a surgeon but that feeling will eventually wean off when u start realising ur importance in OT

So the take home message for those who chose Anesthesiology that GIVE YOURSELF SOME TIME AND ENJOY THE RESIDENCY


Reading it, I felt it’s totally my story, getting more than 140 corrects, thought of dermat but never anaesthesia but ended up taking it n dat too dnb… Only difference is that m starting to get interest after 8 months… Dat u got in 3 rd month… Bcoz before that I was just running n doing pac Or jus giving spinal.thought of leaving many times this branch but now feel gud that i can do all procedures. N think more in icu rounds… So yeah m developing interest in it now…

It is true anesthesia is very good valuable branch enter karane ke bad pata chalta hai no inferior than any branch anesthesia criticalcare cronic pain management very wide branch