I am having interest in Medicine but not possible at my rank in private college

I am having interest in Medicine but not possible at my rank in private college

Should I go for Pediatrics or Ortho…confused

As told in many you tube videos that Pediatrics is not high earning branch and ortho is high earning…Is it so? And I thought I will be more comfortable with paeds and okayish with ortho

Ps:I am the first Doctor of family and confused will I be able to pay loan… because I have to take seat in private through loan…

Please don’t mock

Whats your score?

When your investing in yr career…always choose a dream branch or a branch near to it .

Medicine to peds is OK… but surgical branch like ortho is diff. If your fascinated in medicine field don’t go for surgical subjects…if yu take the subject yu like you can earn ur money back soon…but if you take branch which your least interested even though if yu do it good college you will settle later only

Thanks for suggestion

If you have done ur mbbs then u must be knowing the pros and cons of all branches… i dont think there is need to post all these stuff…

Since when you started taking decisions of your life based on some YouTube videos? Every tom , dick , harry has started his/her own channel and very few have genuine content. Plz share the link and which doctor has claimed that Paediatric has low earning potential ? As far as the fee per annum for the course you have quoted is extremely high and you also need loan for that. It doesn’t sound a wise decision taking so much loan being first generation doctor in your family. It will just add an unnecessary economic burden to you. It will be too risky putting everything at stakes.You will have other priorities in your life for which you would have to save money. It’s you who knows economic condition very well and feasibility / implications of your economic decision. No one can help you regarding that.