I am in a very difficult situatiin now

I am in a very difficult situatiin now. As I am being threatened to be terminated. I started working as SHO in general medicine 3.5 months ago. There has been few concerna raised against me. I have done a few mistakes. I was new and I did not understand the system very well. but have not affected any patient safety. In the last 3 weeks no other conserns were raised against me.

I was down graded to fy1 level. And now my educational supervisor wants to send me to ED to gain more experience and to be supervised all the time. Now the ED consultant told me that if I did not improve within 1 month my contract will be terminated and that I should start looking for other jobs from now.

I was told that I will be sent ti ED for more suppprt. But I feel intimidated and threatened.

Please advice me what should I do in this difficult situation.

If I apply for new jobs, how will I get referees from my current job now?