I am seeing this message almost everyday,

I am seeing this message almost everyday, and the same person is forwarding this in different telegram groups everyday…looks like a mind game…hey folks don’t blindly believe in what you see on social media… it’s possible that the person who wants to take ENT in VMMC can be spreading this fear so that he/she can get MS ENT in VMMC… I am not telling that this is like for sure… but just call the residents who are currently working in VMMC and confirm it before you believe in something blindly.

I would like to quote few likes from a book( The doctor gene) which I read recently.

Never presume. Question everything right from the sanity, intention and the wisdom of one saying it, however big the other person be, whatever his post and credentials. Challenge everything!!!

It’s true… I know one sufferer of all these inhuman act of ent vmmc… note- I hv no vested interest in ent vmmc