I am so glad to announce that I have PASSED my PLAB2 exam in my first attempt!

PLAB2 review :

Hello everyone, I am so glad to announce that I have PASSED my PLAB2 exam in my first attempt!!! I passed 17 stations out of 18, and scored 148/116.84! No words can describe my feeling today :sob::sob::pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: So happy and relieved!

As the result has came out, Iโ€™d like to write an honest review about the academy I attended to prepare this exam : Common Stations. I am a real student, and you can find the pics of the class within my post / fb page.

  1. Dr Hamed is such a dedicated and passionate teacher & doctor. I have never seen in my life a teacher like him before! He literally gave everything to help us! He pushed us beyond our limits, and he provided us EVERY SINGLE THING you need to pass this exam and more importantly, to be a great doctor in the UK. There are so many crucial notes and medical clues he gave us during his class. He didnโ€™t only teach us about the materials, but also how NHS works, how to deal with real patients in real life, how to communicate with your doctors colleague etc etc. Heโ€™s a working surgeon at NHS, so I really trust him.

  2. Dr Hamed has always been punctual. When he said A, heโ€™d do A. He has never came late to the course, and always stayed until all the students went home to answer our questions. Our course started at 10AM and ended at around 21.00 usually (only once ended at 22.30). Also, heโ€™d memorize everyoneโ€™s name. So you wonโ€™t feel ignored or invisible in the class. His class has always been interactive, ask-answer-explain-correction. Thatโ€™s how we learned

  3. Dr Hamed is a very discipline and strict person. People said heโ€™s rude, well I donโ€™t really think so. Because Iโ€™ve already met the real rude and nasty people in my life, and Dr Hamed is definitely not one of them. He loves shouting, but in a good way to emphasize his points or to remind us our mistakes. Why? Because mistakes are not tolerable in this exam. Just imagine that heโ€™s a fierce father, you wonโ€™t hate your dad just because heโ€™s shouting for the sake of your improvement, right?

  4. Dr Hamed is funny, so funny! I laughed a lot during his course :joy::joy::joy:

  5. Dr Elmira is the goddess of physical examination and mannequins!! Sheโ€™s very helpful and clear in teaching. I love how she simplified everything so itโ€™s easier to memorize and practice. Sheโ€™s very dedicated also, I remember she came to teach us despite her leg injury. She was limping but she kept teaching us for 12 hours!!!

  6. The academy building is not really good, toilets are dirty, classroom is veryyyyyy small and packed, the chair is not comfortable (it gave me severe back pain), not much space to move around in the class. Maybe these are the only things that I HATE during the course. But it was only 15 + 2 or 3 days, so bear with that :joy: Itโ€™s all paid off with the end result of my exam :heart_eyes:

  7. So many people say that Barking is the worst area in London, very unsafe and horrible. I personally lived in an airbnb 1 mile away from the academy building. I walked for 15 minutes to the academy every morning, took bus for a 5-minute ride and walked for another 5 minutes to my flat. Thankfully I hadnโ€™t any issue with security or harassment. Just be careful and never play with your phone in public. If you have a lot of money, just stay in Travelodge Barking which is exactly across the academyโ€™s building :joy:

  8. I took a gap of 10 weeks after my course until my exam day. Dr Hamed let me come anytime I want to practice. He said that he and dr Elmira would be around to help if I have questions. All the facilities are provided to practice and they also run mock tests which are very helpful.

Iโ€™m so grateful that I took this course with Dr Hamed. Best of luck to all of you who are preparing PLAB2 exam! Thanks for reading btw.