I cleared my OET after less than a month of prep

I cleared my OET after less than a month of prep. I received tertiary (BSc) and postgraduate education (MD, DIH) all in American English but almost never had to use spoken English with my patients in my general practice. I got B’s in all areas. No study partners (my biggest mistake). If I could give my advice for the time-constrained, it would be these: (1) Plan for a serious review even if English comes naturally to you and even if OET is anecdotally “easy.” (2) Choose the most basic plan for online reviews. I used the OET primer of Swoosh - the cheapest plan. It’s less comprehensive but it will allow you to cover more areas in less time, unmasking aspects of your proficiency that need improvements - you can focus on those. The few mocks included are quite close to the actual exam in difficulty and structure. (3) Try Netflix - it was super effective in getting me used to GB and AUS accents. With subtitles at first, then without, then with progressively lower volume as you progress in skill to improve your hearing acuity. My exam had a conversation involving a man with an Irish accent so prep for that, too. (4) As I should have done, get someone as dedicated as you to train with for speaking exercises. I was confident insofar as my speaking skills were concerned but I stammered over the first exercise because I realized that I only ever used English for casual and academic conversations before this. I may have used inappropriate levels of formality for my OET facepalm (5) Accept that the writing section does NOT have a one-size-fits-all strategy. What worked the most for me was reading the task first (referral from GP to a pedia cardio consultant) in order to understand the best approach, preferred lexis, etc. I then filtered out the unimportant information. Make sure that your letter is constructed such that it ‘tells a story.’ If you can, demonstrate proper construction of compound complex sentences as proof of grammar ability. Keep it short and simple. Salud! Godspeed! Anything is possible!