I completed my internship in April 2022 got a rank of 38k in neet 22

Gratitude post.

I’ve been waiting to write this post here for the longest time and it’s not less than a dream come true for me.

I completed my internship in April 2022 got a rank of 38k in neet 22 without any preparation (except bits and pieces of final year subjects that I had done during the lockdown). Started from scratch, completed almost all edition 5 videos and used Ed 6 revision videos only for subjects that had gross updates.

Did 5-6 qbanks per day and gave all INICET Gts very seriously.

One reading down getting a rank of 539 in November inicet was nothing short of a miracle for me.🙏🏻 And all the credit goes to the top notch faculties and the wonderful platform that marrow is.

With due respect Rohan sir, Sakshi mam and Manisha mam, you changed the whole perspective of the subject for me. Rakesh sir, thank you not just for teaching but for igniting the curiosity for a subject as vast as medicine, I could recall your concepts even during the exam.

Ila mam, cannot thank you enough, dreaded pathology but it turned out to be the subject I felt most confident in, towards the end.

Custom modules were a saviour 🙏🏻

All in all I really enjoyed the phase of my preparation and getting all my concepts clear would give me an altogether different kind of euphoria, all thanks to marrow again.