I decided to share how I passed mccqe

I decided to share how I passed mccqe just because nobody else is willing to! I have been in the position where you are really confused on what to study and I hope this helps .this is what i did which is probably not ideal but was the best I could do.

  1. Toronto notes. Family , ethics, gyn, obs, ER, psych, public health., peds.
  2. Try to study TN handbook ( I believe is more helpful than the actual gigantic book)
  3. Canada Q bank really helped although I did only half of the bank questions.
  4. MCC exam is really important ( I got the exact same score in the real exam)
    And stay positive!
    I hope this helps you guys.
    This is yet my first exam so a long journey ahead IA . May God be at our side.
    Best of luck .