I develop migraine during exam(computer based exam)

I develop migraine during exam(computer based exam)…
Please give me some advice for this.

Take Naxdom 250mg before xm

Take flunarizine + propanolol combo , because it serves dual purpose of prophylaxis and reduce exam anxiety.

I have low bp & low heart rate…is it safe to take

Flunarizine may cause sedation n hamper ur performance, so better not

Ayurvedic or homoeopathic medicine

M suffer frm migraine frm last 15 years…only one drug wiz is effective in acute attack is zolmitreptan nasal spray relf with in 5 min…u can also buk from 1 mg site by online…its not avlble on local pharmacy

Just avoid those kind of exams. Be simple.

Exam is not the cause… we stay more than 4hrs without eating anything… make sure you eat something just before the exam and soon after the exam… and also drink enough water…