I don't want to join any coaching regular course

I don’t want to join any coaching regular course.So which one will be a better option to prepare my own notes,prepladder video dream series or marrow plan C??Also is it necessary to make own notes or shall i go with dams printed notes and some test series and question bank?? please help

Go with prepladder or marrow and make your own notes! Don’t buy dams notes it’s waste of time

which one will be better between marrow and prepladder can you please tell me???

Marrow… Do QBank simultaneously after you finish each chapter!

Is prime institute a good option…
Or dams is only the best … Bcoz i cant go to live class in my city… Should I change place

in prime institute they have best faculty…u can join prime

Changing ur choice of place sometimes is detrimental for ur studies… So stay at that place… Join some online course… N do self study

Going to prime live class and marrow ??
Is the prime notes with marrow sufficient…
I am afraid of all my btch mates going to dams … It’s killing me

How to study medicine? Marroe medicine modules are huge…any suggestions

I dint joined any coaching n got air 188 everyone knows his or her way of reading just follow dat no one cn tell u btr

Firstly congratulations.can you please share your strategy for neet preparation??Please?

It ll b difficult to cover all d subjects by taking notes from marrow.consumes lot of tym.so try dat only on ur weaker subjects.guide books for other subjects to finish them soon and starting it revision earlier…

marrow plan c…its always better to make your own notes…but its upto you…make a schedule and prioritise subject wise…focus on revision…

Marrow plan C is a better option and about the notes try to make it yourself as much as possible but if you feel its time consuming you can buy them…marrow is providing notes for plan C users…:slightly_smiling_face: