I feel hardwork is not the key thing that we require

I feel hardwork is not the key thing that we require. It’s a misconception that is going on from genration after generation. You need more of a power or an advantage. It’s more about short cuts. That will benefit you. But people are afraid of telling you this truth because of immorality or they themselves are unaware. You can clearly see around you but still truth is being neglected constantly for some absurb reason. I don’t know why. Like in Bollywood there’s nepotism , In educational institutes… high level of reservation exist, In official sector promotions are based on castism. We are humans… we work accordingly to our goals, if that is what you call hardwork…then everybody is doing that. Even animals do that. But nor everybody’s a success. I feel I’ve been misguided by our society.
My friends scoring double triple ranks than me are getting farrr better colleges. I didn’t do any bad to them or their family then why am I being punished today? And I definitely worked harder than them. It didn’t count in the end. Why does it even matter then? Many of you will doubt my judgement and we have just moved on but just for a second can you answer me… does it really matter??
~~ A Miserable Mind

The moment you walked into this field you knew that there will be reservations and they are on advantage. So your prep should have been much more organised and planned to get the rank in UR category, just like how in top 50 students, majority of em are belonging to UR. It’s not something you came to know in the middle of your journey, so it’s not at all an excuse and a good example for that is as I mentioned i.e., top 50 or top 100 containing max no.of UR category students.