I got my score yesterday. Its 243

I got my score yesterday. Its 243. :blush:
Thanks a lot to this group. This group helped me a lot…

Resources : UW FA Pathoma
Shelf note
UW biostat review
100 case
Dedicated study period 8 months with this resources n some BNB videos. I used google n youtube for videos on any topic or pictures.

>80% of my questions were from (UFAP)*****

Before that I was studying on n off for 1.5 yrs. That time I did kaplan videos(not that muck kaplan books) ,pathoma videos n book, FA along with UW annotation 1 time offline n 1 time online.

Preparation mostly have 3 phase…

  1. Conception n note taking with some what remembering these conceptions. For me 1.5 yrs ~ ( it took a long)
  2. Memorization n repitations - 6 months for me.
  3. Taking Nbme and uwsa and learn from your mistakes. - 2-2.5 months for me

Exam is half n half (50% about conception n 50% about memorization). Do not overlook one of them.

*repitation of UFAP is the key. Yeah repeat what you have studied 15 days ago. Atleast Just skim. Think about FA words in shower, before sleep, cooking or in a party. ( not during driving LOL).

  • learn from your mistakes. Don’t get dishearten if you get uw question wrong or low nbme score( its very hard but SUPRESSION is the key here :blush:). My nbme score wasn’t increasing coz I used to do silly mistakes. I used to do hurry and skipped clue and choose answers. Don’t do that. Read the whole questions with options, think and then choose the answer. I worked on it in last 1 month a lot and improved my scores by +10.

*Hard work n prayers with tears get paid off. You know you are uncomfortable but you will make it. Have confidence. Trust yourselves. Success will be in your hand. Some wednesday will be your WEDNESDAY. :blush::blush:

My nbmes:
Offline nbme taking and solve are — 2 6 7 11 12 13 16 19

Then online started 16 wks before exam—
Nbme 15 - 225
Nbme 17 - 230
Nbme 21 - 232
Nbme 24- 215 ( broke me)
Nbme 23- 215 (same)
Nbme 20- 225 … A hell of an exam
UWSA 1- 239
Free 120 -80%

Then I did a review of UFAP
Nbme 22 : 240 9 days before exam
Nbme 18: 225 7 days before exam
Uwsa 2: 241 4 days before exam

My target score was” not below 230. :joy: “. more is good but It should not be below that. Securing 230 was my priority. nbme 22 and uwsa 2 was a good predictor for me but my real score is my best score.

Thanks a lot to this group. Keep me in your prayers friends