I had ACL surgery on Wednesday morning

I had ACL surgery on Wednesday morning. Is there anyway I would still have nerve block going on? My shin is very numb… I thought it was because it was super cold., but I haven’t put the cooler pad on it in 2 hours and it’s still numb. I can feel my toes/foot etc. I’m worried because it doesn’t hurt yet and eventually it has to right?
11 months post-op, entire shin and sides are still numb. I dislike touching or shaving it because it “feels” dead (don’t know what other word to use instead of “feel” even though you don’t actively feel it but im sure you get what I mean). The doctor did however say that in most cases it goes away within a year, and might have a small area that isn’t completely back to normal!
14 months post op and completely numb from knee to ankle. It doesn’t bother me until I shave it