I have a rank of 7.9k , at this rank I might get surgery or obs gynae

Need genuine advice, I have a rank of 7.9k , at this rank I might get surgery or obs gynae . Have been interested in surgery for all my mbbs life , loved studying anatomy…, loved entering OT…. However lately I have heard that surgery is not every one’s cup of tea,… and it’s easier to become a bad surgeon than a good one,… Also a lot of political issues there in Residency while getting opportunity for Cutting……So have been thinking about taking DNB Medicine……Need some genuine advice from Surgeons in this group and what are the future aspects… thanks in advance….

If u are loving it, take in some peripheral institute where u can get good cutting and les work load, so your seniors won’t bully you.

Take it only if you are in love with surgery.

I’m in the same boat…

Think of Obs gyne … It’s a beautiful branch and early settlement compared to surgery…

Saving two lives

Having consulting like medicine , operating like a surgeon

Both satisfaction

Those who have equal interest in medicine and surgery

Lot of scope in future for infertility , gyne onco


Any chances of getting obs gyn in tamilnadu with rank 9.4k obc?

outside chance if obc given

Sir…u mean places other than tamilnadu?

Any chance of getting obs gynae at 6260 rank UR category-

If u have second thoughts probably think once more before taking surgery is what is the saying

Boss , me not a surgeon but worked in surgery for more than 4 yrs…don’t worry about opportunity while pg, u can master it any time later…take surngery ,👍