I have been in the group for almost one year

I have been in the group for almost one year
And i think apart from postpondment Questions the most favourite question in this group
“Which branch is more earning?”
There is absolutley nothing wrong about thinking about “ earning”. No matter how much passionate you are about being a doctor or even if you are bleeding heart like Mother teresa at some point every single medical student have choosed this profession considering the social status/ earning. If anybody says otherwise it is a much bigger lie than “ accha din”.
Now earning. “Earning” is not sole property of any particular branch. Kindly do understand it totally depends on person. Most of you might know Dr Rebacca James. Biochem faculty. She was always passionate about biochem. Despite have good rank she choosed to take biochem and am sure her earning are pretty good. And she might be earning more than many physcians/ surgeons/ radiologists.
She followed her passion.
You can only excel in a branch you like. If you like surgery and endup taking radio or derm chances of your earning become less.
Even if you can get derm or radio
But your favourtie branch is anas / ent/ opthal do not hesitate to take it because some doctor said “it is saturated” or “ earning is less”.
Practically Indian medical system hasto adapt in such a way that an intern gets proper time n training in all depts so that he/she can find what they like. But it is impossible with 12 months and especially when interns are busy solving mcq’s it become nexto to impossible.
When i wrote dnb , i could have got uro, gastro or neuro. Many asked me to drop ctvs and take gastro or neuro surgery. But i always wanted cardio thoracic surgery and till this day i havent regretted.
If i would have taken those branches perhaps i wouldnt have been able to perform much as am doing now ( doesnt mean am Dr Devi shetty 2.0. But am doing atleast fine. Long way to go. Miles before i sleep).
Earning comes from your hardowork. For hardwork you need Passion towards subject and Ability to excel. And these passion and ability will only come when we do what we like. Not when we do what society ask us to do or what the “ norm” is.
All the best.

80 to 90 percent mbbs doc chose mbbs coz of family n the craze about it. But still most of them eventually excel , not coz of their passion for mBBS but coz these bright students hve certain qualities like tenacity, resilience, passion for reading, analytical mindset. Now hardly 10 to 20 percent of these mbbs pass outs actually have real passion for the chosen specialty. Remaining students excel in whatever branch they choose coz they hve same qualities that helped them become mbbs doctor in the first place. Many factors r to be considered before choosing branch. Do u think top rankers choose radio n derma out of passion? Absolutely not! I have seen many specialist doctors glorifying the word passion to prove their credibility in their chosen branch. Actually even they have same qualities that every medical student has. Some use it better n hence the difference in outcome of their success. Also , in India , getting a open govt clinical seat itself is a challenge where thousands of brilliant students hve to settle with their 2nd or 3rd choice of branch. N that’s the reality I m stating against ur glorified usage of the word passion .