I have come across a lot of posts about uncertainty in conduction of NEET pg and so on

Dear Doctors
I have come across a lot of posts about uncertainty in conduction of NEET pg and so on.
Please doctors do understand the bill is yet to be tabled in parliament.
It should be passed in both the houses and then gazetted notification about the same should be expected.
The Propose NMC bill has provision for students who are yet to graduate.
And the decision about already graduted doctors is yet to be taken and can only be taken when the act there is gazetted notification after passing in both the houses.
We are not very sure from which batch NMC will be implemented.
Whatsoever would be the condition already graduted students may be subjected to Pg entrance exam ie neet pg or whatsoever terminology is decided by the government.

There is no point dicssuing it yet and loosing hopes.
One must keep preparing and expect to appear for competitive exam in order to secure admission in Post graduate course.
Please don’t get deviated, keep preparing for the exam.

sir they have to understand that final prof mbbs exam is conducted by different universities across d country. Also there is different timings for students belonging to same batch ! Academics, practicals & even quality of internship phase is different. Dis overgeneralisation cant work at all. In current scenario,…poor infrastructure & lack of funds in government hospitals, rising cases of assault against doctors, inhuman working conditions for residents!!! These issues need more attention. Bar council of India conduct exit exams for law graduates as they easily get admission to any institutes. Bt a medical seat is hard earned by deserving candidates through an entrance exam. Then he cm they r supposed to pass an exit exam. Default does not lie at d talent of students, its d faulty system that needs to b fixed. Cant IMA put up dis simple issue ??