I have received many messages from new post graduates who have just joined

I have received many messages from new post graduates who have just joined .Everyone wants some tips for residency, some ppl are still confused which branch to take.Some of them even find it difficult to choose branches in Central institutions.I wonder why and how!I really don’t understand how one can make career decisions based on somone else’s opinion or choices.

An AIIMS pass out need not become the greatest surgeon ever , an ordinary student from ordinary college can achieve wonders.We never know.

Did we ever think a nano particle named corona virus would screw up all our lives and bring the world on its knees.Well except the Chinese ofcourse…that’s for another day.

First of all huge congratulations to all no matter wat subject you have got.I will not judge u based on that.I personally feel there is huge potential in every branch given that you are willing to do anythn extra or different.

Tips for residency.;

I happened to meet some residents today from different branches since I go to various depts for case discussion.My goodness wat arrogance!!

I know you should be proud of your UG institution but why the arrogance?

Becz you got rank 100? Or rank 4? Who cares?

You are still jus an mbbs…And dats my friends in India is absolutely nothing.Kids from delhi colleges…some top mumbai collges…who i met today were jus behaving like…“touch me not plant” .They don’t even smile and say hello to co -pgs ,seniors…professors.

Very few of them were nervous I noticed…I tried to make them comfortable…but most of them very extremly arrogant and behaved like they were very busy and dint wanna be disturbed .

When their own seniors asked them about thier rank., ug college…Thier tone echoed of arrogance and misbehaviour.

I’m an ardent supporter of resident rights…respect and health.No matter who it is none should disturb the above 3.

But let me tell if you are arrogant and treat ppl around you badly…you wil not learn anythn trust me and all your life you wil remain a frustrated topper who dint achieve shit!

You may not be the best resident or a pleaser

But u gotta be nice.

Be nice and humble.

Please give respect to the worker in your wards…

Your nursing staff.dont you dare messing with them.then you wil end up drawing blood whole year.

Your ward wil be disorganized…Your forms wil have to be filled by you…And none wil help.

Instead if your good them…you wil be the king of your ward

Wish your teachers…try to be honest and sincere.

Go to library in the evenings.

Study the cases in your wards.

Jus like how rahul dravid says" gettin into u19 team is not even a start…you have make it to the senior team and sustain"

You have jus won U-19 world cup.1 or 2 max stay in the senior team…somtimes not even that!

So dont show off too muvh…Becz you r not the chosen one " NEO of the matrix " there are millions like you out there.

3 years of learning wil take you to greater heights.

Learn counselling…it’s the future of practise…

If you can’t convey to the attenders that patient is dying…then you wil fail miserably in your future practise.

I explained prognosis in internship better than my unit chief.My junior staff sent me to explain becz i could convince ppl.

Try to gain confidence of everyone around.

Don’t ever try to put your co pgs down and gain brownie points

That lasts only for few months.

Start writing your log book from day.1

You wil know wher u stand by end of 3 years.