I have secured a moderate rank, thanks to a few dreadful 'Silly' mistakes

I have secured a moderate rank, thanks to a few dreadful ‘Silly’ mistakes. They were questions like biomedical waste management, intussception and some other horrors(relative to the depth we try to reach in our studies during preparation). For this I will be paying a price too in terms of the subject and institutions allotted in the counseling.
What thus I find very important to share, with the future candidates, that in all exams the ranks will be decided like this only. Silly mistakes may seem silly but actually they are results of focal weaknesses in revision of some topics (not being able to revise uniformly and multiple times). As because in exam, we would get questions from such topics and a few tough questions too, it will eat into the time and concentration as a result forcing silly mistakes like I did with the question of neuromuscular monitoring. I knew the name, anatomy of muscle but time was in short supply and I marked median nerve, ultimately negating the efforts I made in preparation to study the anatomy of thenar muscles. These become painful after the exam and post results it is all the more painful thinking of “what could have been” in terms of your dream subject or college.
So coming out of this as a candidate who tried, I request to all the candidates wishing to prepare for the next exams, neet or ini, that please do the regular ‘normal’ topics multiple times. They comprise more than 90% of relevant study materials which are clinically significant from where a doctor examiner would like to test the knowledge of prospective PG residents. As we see, every new batch of fresh candidates, out of excitement/inexperience or ‘competition’ or trying to impress others or for simple fomo, runs behind exotic questions, for example components of a rare syndrome mentioned once in Harrison or data of people using gutkha in India in the year 2022 etc. This affects many other candidates in due course too. And focus is shifted from iron deficiency anemia or management of dehydration according to IMNCI. But 180 questions , if not more, will be on these ‘easy’ topics only. Easy topics become easy to answer all sorts of questions from them, after we have revised them, in studies or in practice in our institutions. Main task is to know these essential topics extremely well. That will fetch extremely good ranks. Obviously this is for candidates like me who are average. Rest, who are extremely good from the beginning, already know these topics extremely well would sure go for additional things as they can afford it and also they deserve great ranks. Thank you friends, thought to share my little experience if it could be useful at all.

True my friend always said that a covid q won’t haunt u but a q marked wrong on pharyngeal arches will irritate u to core…

only a candidate can know how irritating it can be. It can disturb sleep post exam.