I usually don't post this motivation kind of stuff on a regular basis but after talking to so many aspirants after the results

This is Dr Sourav Gurjar…neet pg 2022 rank 3.9k.

I usually don’t post this motivation kind of stuff on a regular basis but after talking to so many aspirants after the results, I felt it very useful to share some ideas regarding the preparation, which would help the aspirants in some way…

Throughout my preparation I used marrow as the only source and it’s very imp. to stick to a single source and beleive in that completely…

For the beginners, 1st they should complete the video lectures, it will not only helpful in getting a good rank but also help in building the concepts and clearing the Proff exams…

For qbanks, the better way is to solve them along with the syllabus and whatever imp. you get, just add them to the notes…but if you think that you don’t have enough time to complete them then you can use custom module…bcs qbanks help in assessing how well you have studied and what mistakes can be done in xm.

For GT’S, once Dr Abbas sir has said that the best time you could have given the 1st gt was yesterday 😀…many ppl think that they should solve the gt once the syllabus is fully prepared but it will not happen till exam so you should start giving gt on a regular basis bcs gt teaches us patience, handling pressure and so many things other than the knowledge…and almost all gts simulate the real exam.

So far i have understood that if you prepare with honesty in the right direction then it becomes so easy… You automatically start gaining confidence.

I have also observed so many ppl who are more stressed about the results and this pressure leads to decline in the performance…so just work hard with the honesty in the right direction… Things will fall into place automatically.

One last thing…so many are confused in taking whatever they are getting or dropping a year…for this, my suggestion is…sit alone with a calm and relaxed mind then think if it was their best attempt in every aspect and they donot have any option other than taking whatever they are getting then only they should take… On the other hand it’s only 5-6 months remaining for the next exam so prepare yourself accordingly.

All the very best for all the aspirants