I was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis from autoimmune trigger

Good morning. I am new to this group. I was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis from autoimmune trigger. It was a long road of three biopsies and multiple blood tests, and skin patch testing to get here. I have been prescribed Dupixent, and am waiting for my benefits provider for approval. I have two questions for those who might be able to chime in. 1. Has anyone actually found a more sinister trigger or root cause to their dermatitis, such as lymphoma? 2. Has anyone used Dupixent injection, and if so what are your thoughts? I have always felt that if your body is reacting and telling you something, its not always the best thing to subdue all the symptoms. What if your missing something? Thank you in advance for any thoughts!

I joined this (and other groups like it) for answers to my questions about my particular case which is similar to how you describe yours.

My derm doc said mine is an ID Reaction (interface dermatitis) where the immune system basically misfires (goes haywire) and my skin rashes (primarily on my arms) has shown up pretty much everywhere on my body. The healing is taking forever, and I’ve already switched to an anti-inflammatory diet. Not fast enough, of course.

My root cause was originally an elbow scrape from a fall I had back in Sept. Unfortunately I didn’t know I had a neomycin allergy (ingredient found in neosporin and other antibiotic ointments) and i had two doctors apply that stuff not knowing I was allergic. Eventually it started a rash around the wound and either it got in my bloodstream or my immune system went “WTF SEAN?”…either way, I’m currently dealing with that.

I have yet to do a culture test (trying to accomplish that today, actually) but as far as I know, my cause was mistreatment to the original wound site.

Side thing: I had the most stressful year of my life and was on a lot of antibiotics and a three week prednisone treatment. My immune system was already in pretty bad shape so I’m just trying to eat right and live a stress free life and allow time to work its magic.

I haven’t used Dupixent so I can’t speak on that. Just wanted to comment and follow along and see who else says what. Still searching for helpful information.

Good luck to you though, on your healing journey