I was finally approved through my insurance but I still don’t know the price

Dupixent users!!!

I was finally approved through my insurance but I still don’t know the price, waiting on next steps. My question is, are you just paying for script whatever insurance covers or using Dupixent myway help? I don’t understand the Dupixent myway. Thanks for any advice. I’m sooooo excited and so nervous. My atopic dermatitis affects my body but mostly my face and I can’t wait for relief!

There is a program with Dupixent that helps with co payments…I pay 0 co pay…I’m so happy with the help…its an expensive medication…it has helped my son’s severe symptoms.he has been doing so well…no side effects…make sure u research financial programs that could over this medicine…good luck!

Dupixent my way is simple to enroll…call them for help if u need to…thats what I use

Don’t be affraid for that,my daughter has very very serious eczema,she’s 10 years old,she’s using since 10 months,it’s very helpful for her,and no side effects,very recommend this product!The eczema w’ll be gone!

my 13 year old son needs this too! He suffers so much too and it’s hardest on his face even though it’s hard on his body

My daughter has same very very serious was to her.After this product use has gone everything!Try to apply this,we’re living is in Canada,and I had benefit what is covering,because basically it’s very expensive this treatment,but if I can paying with my life make sure she can get it!We’re very happy now,after many many years of crying,and we parents same cryed with her,but now is gone everything!!!She’s very happy now,and I wish to your son,and your for the parents w’ll be happy!