If i complete all subject except med and sx Can i get rank under 20k?

If i complete all subject except med and sx
Can i get rank under 20k??

Leave anat instead and solve as many GTs as you can, also just read the notes of prepladder rapid revision for those two subjects it’ll help alot

Yes, surely you can target within 15000. I have one of my friend who got 21,000.He leaved 5 subject, surgery , medicine, gynec, pedia, psm. And for other subject he read dams xerox since he had not even attended any classes.just kept in mind one thing that you should ignore all people who say it cannot be done.

Never pagal hai kya
Med na padho to bhi chalega.
U can ans by other subject like patho derma micro pharma etc but surgery is must to know brother

At least do imp videos and read notes for other topics . But strictly complete QBank . U will rock under 10k.

To be within 10k, u have to cover every subject with repeated revision… Between 10k and 20k , no difference in talent and memory , just a difference of luck.

Bachelor of medicine and surgery ki degree milne ke baad medicine and surgery hi nahi padhna​:joy::see_no_evil:
Just kidding .
Please read atleast deepak marwah sir’s notes in medicine. Reading just 200 pages is better than reading nothing

Yeah possible…but you would have to study all other subjects thoroughly…