If image D is colonoscope....how can it be used in upper GI endoscopy

If image D is colonoscope…how can it be used in upper GI endoscopy…

Upper GI Endoscope is used for Endoscopic Band Ligation of Esophageal Varices. We first visualize the site of blessing and then seal it by Band Ligation.

Also we can stop bleeding by applying Sclerosants i.e. Endoscopic Sclerotherapy.

Image D is not colonoscope

then what is image D?

I googled it…it’s one of colonoscope…

This is exactly where the mcq kind of learning reveals it’s cheap standard… but it is unfortunately the unfortunate dark truth of India

why so vitriolic? He is just confused between endoscope and colonoscope because the image is unclear. May be he is in pre clinical years and hasn’t been to wards much.