If your physical therapist is not touching your knee

PSA: If your physical therapist is not touching your knee- you have the wrong physical therapist. I had never gone to physical therapy and didn’t know what to expect. My first physical therapist gave me a list of things to do around the office by myself, I had to ask (and I only did on occasion) to have her measure my flexion progress. Don’t get me wrong, she was a nice lady, I enjoyed going to her.

I moved back to my home (I was living with parents for surgery/recovery) and found a new physical therapist. Wow! She spent the first session figuring out which muscles were tight, telling me my knee was in the wrong place and letting me know we needed to break up scar tissue. She is doing cupping, telling me techniques for the exercises I have been doing but knowing to “squeeze this muscle” makes such a difference. Measures my flexion every time. Allows me to ask a lot of questions.
My flexion which has been my biggest struggle has gone from 115 to 124 in 5 sessions!

I hope this helps someone looking for a PT!