I'm freshly convocated and should i prepare for neet at

I’m freshly convocated and should i prepare for neet at

HOSTEL ( pros-motivation, friends. Cons- discipline) or

HOME( pros- discipline, good food. Cons- no friends, scared of getting unmotivated)

Its your choice. I felt home better than hostel . No need to worry about food or laundry. But definitely need a study community or partner to succeed .

Doesn’t matter. You should study 10-12 hours per day but you will have to be in the study environment for 24x7.

Home if there will be no responsibility to you …if yes then hostel is best

If u want group study or discussion of volatile topics with friends then hostel can be okay but otherwise home is better choice considering u don’t belong to problematic family… Discipline is more important than motivation… Motivation is short lasting… Whereas in NEET PG u have to study a considerable time (10-14 hrs) for a long period and u have to be disciplined in this long run

Home with telephonic conversation with a friend/ a study partner…becoz time management and discipline are most important than anything else

Hostel, anytime… Especially when its your first attempt… At home you will study great for first three to four months, after that you might feel demotivated, it is important to constantly stay in touch with your friends, discussion really makes a difference, its hard to retain all things without discussing, at hostel you get many opportunities in a day, like while going to breakfast/lunch/tea break/dinner/before going to bed for discussing things that you have studied that day, it boosts your confidence, it motivates you, it will make you feel study more… But it totally depends on you… I feel this is the best way to study…

but wat if you have no friends?

I scored 420 on the first try(by preparing with internship)

And the actual thing is there’s almost no-one from my batch gonna study in hostel for neet pg, I’ve got some who’s prepping for usmle/Germany etc but I’ll be the only one/+1 for neetpg

There’ll be few friendly juniors (interns) prepping but that’ll be weird ig