I'm in need of some advice, last November I snapped my dislocated my knee

Good morning all, thank you for the add, I’m in need of some advice, last November I snapped my dislocated my knee, torn my MCL really done a number to the little cartilage that was left, because of covid I still haven’t heard from the doctor about what they’re going to do but the pain is getting so much worse, I’ve got an extremely physical job and a 6 week old baby now and there’s days I come home from work and I struggle to even bend down for him. The doctors have given me codeine etc but nothing works so I’m reaching out and hoping all you wonderful people might have any ideas to manage the pain, I was looking into CBD oil but there’s so many brands out there I don’t want to be buying crap if you get me. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this, I really do appreciate it

Ah - I sprained my right knee in martial arts (my non ACL reconstruction knee) on Aug 20. It was an MCL sprain and some collateral ligaments (small ligaments near meniscal line). Nothing major tore (not meniscus, not ACL). Today I am doing splits, jump squats, burpees no problem, starting tricking. Few things I learned about pain management- 1) a TENS unit seemed to work better than ibuprofen. 2) extra strength Tylenol for arthritis 800mg is good 3) rest as much as possible (annoying but most MCL sprains heal on their own I hear) 4) massage the injured area daily. This increases circulation and healing. I recommend using Wong To Yick (strong menthol) 5) get a tight knee wrap (surprised how it helped with pain) 6) hydrate well! 7) take daily chondroitin/ glucosamine and joint collagen supplements 😎