I'm old enough that I remember an America that people in their late teens and early 20s literally have never actively experienced. So much has changed in 20

I’m old enough that I remember an America that people in their late teens and early 20s literally have never actively experienced. So much has changed in 20 years. I remember the late 80s, the 90s. Now it’s 2020 and so many people are completely unaware of how totally oppressive and insane the social culture has become. They’re used to it. They never knew anything else. They think this is normal. I’d say that from what I remember the world seemed to start descending into hellishness around 2005. It’s a million things I could cite. It’s mainly the extreme intolerance for traditional people that permeates the young culture. The youth have almost got actual zero respect for older people. Almost everyone who is considered a moral authority is younger than 35. Young people condemn organized religion, yet meanwhile have a secular measuring of virtue that has rules and regulations that far exceed the most dogmatic religion. It’s like they all have a syncretic, wholly disorganized, extremely strict, dogmatic, social nontheistic religion that centers around the sole principle of “consent” where there is no sin but thinking you have sin, nevertheless there is endless extreme judgment for violating the code which involves not committing murder, rape, bigotry, racism, sexism, cultural appropriation, being conservative, being Republican, being Christian, being a member of a theistic religion, believing in capitalism, etc." The secular youth have a very expensive code of righteousness and if you deviate from it even slightly, you are subjected to such extreme censure that the staunchest religious fanatics would gasp. It’s a religion to a nongod, a god of humanity. Im yet to see a young person who says, even though im on the left, I’d like to understand this other side and befriend them. Nope they are extreme self righteous judgmental hypocrites who think that acknowledging an imagined “white guilt” cleanses them, that they can only not be a racist if they admit they are a racist, and God forbid they should actually try to evangelize the Right. No way. The Right are Nazis, bigots, KKK, human garbage… “ok boomer” one day you’ll all be dead, etc. I see plenty of people on the right reaching out to the left to win them. Where do you see even one left wing person actually work to CONVERT racists to non racism? All they do is sit in their armchair, insult racists both real and imagined, cast their own version of damnation onto every real or imagined racist, and never even breathe a word to try to convert the real or imagined racist. Why? Because they’re hyper judgmental and have zero mercy. In their cult there is social salvation for those in the cult, and social damnation for those out of it. There is no conversion of the right only judgment and damnation. Someone tell me if I’m wrong here, because I’ve never seen it. All I’ve ever seen are people from the Left lecturing me on how evil I am, while actually offering me no solution to my supposed problem. Im not saying everyone on the Left is a monster. But I am saying that I never see people who try to CONVERT RACISTS OUT OF RACISM. they just want to congratulate themselves on the"fact" that they’re not racist (which by the way usually requires you to admit you’re actually racist, unless of course you’re black in rich case you apparently are incapable of being racist), and all they do is judge, lecture, and call out, and THEN call anyone religious judgmental LOL! I don’t care how many racists you’ve pointed at. Convert ONE person out of actual racism. Convince a KKK member, or a neo nazi, a white supremacist, a white nationalist, or someone who is a real racist not these poor left wing kids who you tell they are privileged and then they start kissing your boots. That’s not a real racist. Have compassion on a racist. Try to win them. I know I have. Get the beam off judgmentalism out of your eye, quit congratulating on simply pointing out racism, even it its real. Man up, grow up, quit applauding yourself for judgmental weakness. End rant.