In class 2 and class 3 hypovolemic shock

in class 2 and class 3 hypovolemic shock , there is ongoing met. Acidosis then why we are using RL as it contains lactate which can further increase the acidosis?

No RL doesn’t increase acidosis rather they are helpfull as lactate is converted into bicarbonate in liver . But 0.9% NS has pH of around 5.6(<7) and it itself causes hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis by decreasing strong ion diff (SID ) : Check med acid base video no. 4 ( Rakesh sir has explained this ) so RL is preferred in shock

Lactate in RL is metabolised into bicarbonate in liver and can be useful in met acidosis

Usually NS is used in such situations but you can also use Rl

Cori’s Cycle …Biochemistry is the gold standard answer for ur doubt